What is your design fee?

Our initial, one-hour in-person consultation is a flat fee of $175.00. After our consult we put together the final proposal that outlines our total estimated hourly fee based on the project’s scope. Contact us for our 2019 hourly rate. Our one-time Style Consults are a flat fee based on the clients needs and range range from $200.00 - $500.00.

What Does a typical project cost?

Every project is different, and the total cost will depend on your needs and budget. The flat rate consultation fee is $175.00. After, we put together your proposal, which breaks down budget estimations for our total fee and, as needed, purchases you can expect to make based on the project’s scope. We also have a handy budget questionnaire that helps clients develop and hone in on a realistic budget so they can confidently understand and plan for all costs associated with the project.

What is a style consult?

Our Style Consults are best suited for clients that need one-time help with specific recommendations or a general plan to help them move forward. It’s also great for folks that are working on their spaces in bite sized chunks and might not have the time or budget to move forward with a full design right now. We meet from 1-4 hours, put together specific recommendations and a visual inspiraiton guide for you to reference as you work on your home. The flat fee cost typically varies from $200.00 - $500.00 depending on the client’s needs .

What is your design process?

Our exact process varies based on the services we’re providing. Check out our About page for a general overview as well as the “Work With Us” section on our Services page for specifics.

Project timelines vary greatly depending on the scope, and this is espeically true with any renovations or new builds. For a decorating and furnishing project, 3-5 months is a good standard from start to finish. Decision making, custom furniture and selections as well as deliveries can and often cause delays. We do our best to make sure things run smoothly and keep you in the loop regarding adjustments to the timeline.

What is a typical project Timeline?

Our virtual design service fees are the same as our in-person design service fees. However, virtual design services are often more economical as our team does not do any of the ordering, purchase management, installation or styling, which often leads to fewer design hours overall.

DO virtual design services Cost Less than in-person?