We believe that your home should be both beautiful and functional. It should tell the story of you and your family, reflecting your unique tastes and your specific lifestyle needs.  We think your home should have a few pieces that are old, some that are new and we'll likely convince you to add a plant or two to any space. We believe in creating homes that can grow and change as you do, but are grounded with timeless elements that will never go out of style. 


We're a hands-on design studio that focuses on approachable, accessible design for everyone. We work within a variety of budgets and specialize in mixing old and new pieces to create one-of-a-kind spaces. 

Notice the fern in our logo? It’s a symbol of protection and shelter - a place of refuge and restoration, which is exactly what we believe your home should be. I started HLS to help you create a home that is comfortable and inviting – a respite after a long day and a place where your friends want to come over and put their feet up. Each space we design is specific to your family and should be a place you're proud of everyday. 

Your home should be your haven, and if it's not now, we’re here to help. 



Elizabeth Rogers - Design Associate

Hannah Lowman - Principal Designer, Owner

Elizabeth helps keep projects running smoothly and is an associate on design projects. She's a rockstar at marketing, mother of two, and a Tar Heel (which we graciously overlook). The Asheville native loves hiking with her family, enjoying the city and dreaming of all things design.



Hannah is North Carolina bred, but spent stints in New York City and Richmond, Virginia before moving back to her home state and settling in the blue ridges with her husband, son and two dogs. Her love of designing and styling started young, and if she's not enjoying the outdoors with her family you'll find her rummaging in antiques stores or rearranging her living room.