Home Ownership

Dear friends and folks we don't know (yet!),

This is the new blog- a virtual space dedicated solely to updates on our new mountain home! It's available first to all our lovely Newsletter subscribers as they'll get sneak peaks the spaces we're renovating, our decorating (and re-decorating) process, shopping and sourcing adventures and more. A large chunk of our work will be DIY with help along the way when we need it. 

When the listing for our house first popped up, we were actually on our way back from a showing that had me feeling frustrated. We'd been searching for months and not a single place was right. From the photos, it looked like the house had lots of potential and checked off a whole lot of our want, need and would love to have list. Besides our must haves: 3 bedrooms, garage/shop space, at least an acre and some "character", we were pretty open to all sorts of styles and shapes. I love an old farmhouse, but I can also be down with a really strange looking brick rancher that no one else finds charming. I run off intuition so the feel of the place, where it was located and it's potential were all hugely important in finding our just right home. I was sold as soon as I walked through the door. 

Over the next year we'll take you through room by room with before and afters, plans for spaces down the road and our design process for making big decisions (like renovating the kitchen). Instead of one large before tour, we'll be posting pics room by room, starting with the living room progress. It's not done by a long shot, but it doens't make me sad and it's totally livable. We'll also include our plans for updates as we find them (lots of vintage gems for this house!) 

Stay tuned for more! Oh and sign up for our newsletter to find out when we've added a new post.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this new adventure as much as I do!



Living Room | BEFORE

As you can see, LOTS OF WOOD and lots of orangey tones. Not my favorite. 

Living Room | IN PROGRESS

First step on the agenda was to paint that wood paneling, which really helped my soul. Almost all the furniture in this room is older, things we've had and will be getting swapped out as we continue to work on other areas of the home.  For now, a much lighter, happier space to enjoy the winter!